Acid Wash

An acid wash is simply stripping a tiny layer of plaster, exposing fresh plaster beneath. Therefore, it is not advised to make it an annual process, which will accelerate the need for re-plastering. Most plaster coats (sometimes called whitecoat or marcite) are in excess of 1/2″, so a few careful acid washes should not hurt. An acid wash should be done every 4 to 5  yrs providing the plaster is in good shape. It will remove 70-80% of the grime and dirt deposits in the plaster, bringing out a brighter, whiter finish. An acid wash is always a dramatic aesthetic improvement.

An acid wash is a popular choice for cleaning stains off plaster pool walls. It can save a lot of time and money when considering the alternative to re-plastering.  An Acid wash uses gallons of Muriatic Acid which literally “etches” or eats away a small layer of the pools plaster revealing a fresh and white layer underneath.  This type of cleaning is intense and better suited for removing tougher stains in the plaster. The occasional use of an acid wash is a great tool for restoring your pool surface to a clean look.

An acid wash is not a cure all.  The best results from an acid wash is when the plaster is still in good shape.  An acid wash is normally not possible when the plaster in old and thin. Although an acid wash works well on most stains, some stains are embedded too deep in the plaster to be cleaned.

Acid Wash Service

  • Requires the draining of your swimming pool
  • Removal of all debris
  • Spray on application of Muriatic Acid
  • Brush and rinse with fresh water
  • Neutralization of the acid accumulated in the pool bowl
  • Refill pool with fresh water
  • Chemical Balance

This process will make you pool look nice and also make the water look very clear.

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The muriatic acid is a toxic chemical and needed to be handled as such. If the acid is left too long on the pool plaster it will literally start burning into the plaster. An acid wash or chlorine wash does NOT remove the white mineral build up commonly found on the water line.  This build up needs a completely different type of cleaning and is priced separately from an acid wash.

Months of neglect left this pool green with algae and heavy stains

Three days later pool is clean, water balanced and ready for the homeowner


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