Chlorine Wash

A chlorine wash is necessary when performing a Green Pool Clean Up. During a chlorine wash the pool is drained through the waste line of the pool pump and motor system. The last remaining water in the pool bowl is removed with a submersible pump. During the chlorine wash several gallons of liquid chlorine is used which is pour directly onto the pool surface.  The entire pool surface is scrubbed with the chlorine which kills and disinfects all contaminants including hidden algae spores that are embedded into the plaster.  The chlorine is full strength, not diluted, which is needed for algae removal.  The chlorine wash cleans the surface of the pool very well, removing dirt and some stains.  The Chlorine Wash is great for pools with any kind of algae problem and is highly recommended for all green pools.

Alternatively, some customers prefer to do an Acid Wash while their pool is drained to remove tough stains on their pool walls.


Before Chlorine Wash

After Chlorine Wash


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