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Stabilizer Levels

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It is important to keep proper ‘Stabilizer’ (cyanuric acid) levels in all pools. This will allow chlorine to stay in the pool longer, thus, saving chemical cost. It is also important to keep proper ‘Stabilizer’ levels in pools using Chlorine Salt Generators. This will allow chlorine to stay in the pool longer, thus, will not unnecessary overwork the generator.

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Chlorine Level Keeps Fluctuating

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Chlorine is held ever so loosely in the water. Therefore, the ultraviolet rays of the sun have little difficulty in destroying it. The solution to that problem, of course is cyanuric acid (stabilizer and conditioner are its common names), which cuts down on this destruction.

You let the water’s pH to go above the 8.0 mark. When pH level reaches 8.5, chlorine is only about ten percent active, whereas it is 73 percent active when the level is at 7.0. The higher the activity of chlorine, the cleaner the pool water will be.

Mechanical energy such as diving, jumping and splashing of swimmers removes chlorine too.

During the hot summers and the resulting high water temperatures expect your chlorine bill to zoom sky high.

If it be true that one swimmer contaminates about 600 gallons of water and one dog is equivalent to 50 swimmers, then shead a tear for a public pool whose 20,000 gallon pool accommodates more than 125 people a day.

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